Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Last Week of Holidays

Uni is rapidly approaching and I may in fact be wasting the last days of freedom I have.
January is almost over, and I am almost done with replies. Good thing I am caught up as it is nearly A Month of Letters time. Just discovered this, and am amazed there are so many people out there looking for penpals.

1. Sign up here: Month of Letters
2. I am level 41 on Skyrim, so that is something. Not necessarily something useful. Oh well.
3. Fantastic movie. Made me want to cry. And eat southern food as well!
4. Missed it in the cinema. Ended up watching it twice at home. So good.
5. Uni text I have started reading & 'The Mandarins' by Simone De Beauvoir
6. Catching up on mail with the help of my fav cup of tea.


  1. Great films! I loved Beasts of the Southern Wild... and I understand the urge to eat chicken & gumbo after watching it, haha.

  2. Ciara
    Oh good I am not the only person who gets hungry watching movies. I ended up googling crawfish while watching the movie to see if I could make it at home. Not sure what I could use, and Canberra is too far inland to trust the seafood send via truck :/

  3. I'd love to do Month of Letters but I literally do not have 23 people to send stuff to. More like...6-7 people or so. Of which most never reply but I prefer sending them snail mail instead of emails anyway :P

    1. If you register on the MOL website people will give you their details and you could find some people who will reply.
      Plus you can enter your details here and I will send you a surprise ^-^


    2. You know what, you've inspired me, I'm doing this!

    3. Yay
      How are you finding it so far Anny?