Saturday, July 20, 2013

Out of time, and out of practise

I should be writing everyday. That doesn't happen. So of course I am not sure that this is up to scratch, hopefully being edited soon by group before dreaded presentation on Thursday. No title yet..

Edit: Only took 4 hours for me to be super uncomfortable and remove story.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

ps No Spend July can suck it.

Failed in record time. Just as a FYI
Damn all those enablers *shake fist*

Heaven on the floor

Granted, I ended up with a sore arse from sitting on carpet for hours, but it was quite lovely to sort in peace. Sort all the things!

For the first time ever I was able to work out what mail needed to be opened, what letters needed to be written, storing the different pens together, discovering missing note pads and even watched two movies.
All while the children were all home.

Of course they were happily kept busy painting and popping bubble wrap. I didn't do any letter writing, but I am at least sorted in the general lounge area. Not the office of course, that still looks like a paper cyclone went through. I may need some stronger coffee for that.

So now there has been mass sorting, the vital question remains… Which pen to use today!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

No spend July with some antiques

Decided to check out local antique store, just in case they had some stationery. No luck, but it was still vintage heaven. Thankfully it is no spend July so that made it easy, not to mention the prices. Where is my lotto win?!
So here is the tour, stealth iPhone photo style.

1. So many fountain pens
2. Writing table
3. Thimble collection
4. Postcards
5. Teacups
6. That is not the vintage paper I was looking for...