Monday, November 25, 2013

And I am back

Have a tendency to get wrapped up in things and forget to update blog.

Uni is now almost over. Have final works to submit but in the meantime, I am dealing with a sad sick little boy who turns 3 next week. Who I may have turned into a zombie child in the final project.

I spent most of today playing with the blog set up and watching Orange is the new black.

Pet rats passed away on the weekend, so I have the sad pants on. Also have a stupid stress ulcer and everything hurts to eat. Even coffee causes me pain and that just isn't right. Ice-cream for life!

No incoming mail so far this week, and haven't decorated anything recently. However, all the artistic ability has moved across to Miss I.  She drew a portrait of me, complete with headphones. Because lets be honest, Skull Candy Aviators are just that rad.

Only a small update I guess, but better than nothing.

1. That's me. Woo
2. Attempted making stove top coffee while making breakfast. Fail.
3. Zombie stickers at uni.
4. Sugar Skull stamp I am loving.
5. New season Walking Dead fixes everything.