Saturday, September 14, 2013

Finding inspiration to write

Sometimes I question why I write this.
I tend to share and then quickly delete what was said. I don't know if people read this. There is also the possibility it could float around the web until unwanted people discover it.
Perhaps I could put a notation in each post just for them. *Please feel free to die*
Nothing new is happening here really.
It is spring, busting to wear t-shirts and jeans. Do so, and end up with a cold. Though realistically the air-conditioning unit and daycare contributed more. Nothing like a breeding ground of communicable illness to make your week.

Took husband to have Pho on Thursday. I don't have a picture to post. Despite the fact I have had it 3 times now, each time I am too excited to take a photo. Having only just discovered this soup/noodle dish, I am devouring it every chance I get. Plotting, of course, to try it at home. For now I am happy just to hand over cash and drown myself in broth. Tried to counteract the cold by adding way too much chilli any time I have it. Delicious and burning, but didn't fix cold.

I have ended up with a huskier voice than usual. Though to be fair, if I speak normally, it is pretty deep. It is only when I am wound up that it is higher pitched. Truth be told, I am usually wound up, so that doesn't really matter. Either way, I am able to sing along with Eddie Vedder without sounding like the female back up vocals. Woo.

Nothing much else to report. Reading The Passage, and trying to stop writing in first person. Lots of learning to be had. Showing rather than telling while writing. I have under a month to get the 7500 words and it just isn't happening. White paper is incredibly daunting. Sharing even more so. I don't think I will ever be a real author.

There is really no point to this post, but learning to write again. There are always more important things I can be doing. For someone who is constantly distracted, I found a study tip for staying focussed.
Something called the Pomodoro Technique. Still searching for inspiration, Diablo 3 and Walking Dead season 3 to the rescue.