Sunday, July 15, 2012

Haircut & Me

One should never google images for hairstyles while in salon.
Especially if said person cut off all their hair.
Yep, crazy I completely destroyed and hacked off almost waist length hair. Boy do I regret it.
It went from a snip, to a long bog, to a short bob to a pixie cut. This was from having it fire engine red earlier in the year then torturing it via bleach and a range of colours.
In the end, I should have realized there was something up and I was just trying to control my world via my hair. Utterly ridiculous and clearly a big old fail.
So after the divine trip away for work and basking in 27 degree heat, I returned home with what only can be described as crunch dreadlocks. Not good.
Time to take it all off, and the speedy google search came up with...

Ginnifer Goodwin
Love the actress and her stunning haircut. Finished at salon, pretty confident that I can master the whole hairdryer and straightener business.
Somewhere along the way I should have remembered I am lazy. Oh so lazy. Part of the reason I kept my hair long in the first. So not only do I not resemble the above picture at all (completely different face shape and glasses aside), I am left with a decidedly boyish cut until I can grow it out. As a plus I am planning on growing out my natural hair, a colour my sister and I suspect is a shade of brown neither of us have seen in full for 15+ years. Should be fun.
Only hope it will be out of the shaggy mullet stage soon.


So after having this blog for almost 12 months I figure I should start using it. Following blogs found via vogue forum has sparked my interest in blogging. I do think I may be a little late though to the phenomenon.