Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Last Week of Holidays

Uni is rapidly approaching and I may in fact be wasting the last days of freedom I have.
January is almost over, and I am almost done with replies. Good thing I am caught up as it is nearly A Month of Letters time. Just discovered this, and am amazed there are so many people out there looking for penpals.

1. Sign up here: Month of Letters
2. I am level 41 on Skyrim, so that is something. Not necessarily something useful. Oh well.
3. Fantastic movie. Made me want to cry. And eat southern food as well!
4. Missed it in the cinema. Ended up watching it twice at home. So good.
5. Uni text I have started reading & 'The Mandarins' by Simone De Beauvoir
6. Catching up on mail with the help of my fav cup of tea.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Mail Call #3



1. Ballet Mail Art from the extremely talented Sarah
2. Letter from the lovely Nicole
3. Christmas letter from my darling Christine. The letter was lost for a while due to awesome postal system.
4. Owl love from Cheryl
5. Last but not least, letter from fellow Potterhead Rin

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Brain Fail

And today has been a total waste of time. It is a long weekend though, so I always have tomorrow.
Canberra has had a total identity crisis. I am pretty sure it thinks it is QLD. Blazing hot days with occasional downpour that doesn't actually ease the heat.
In an effort to combat todays weather, I made iced coffee. Talking to husband while making it, not paying attention, and made something equivalent to a long black. My brain is skipping steps, and I feel dreadful. Hoping cups of tea & plenty of water will fix it.

I did get some painting done on Friday with the lovely little Miss S & Miss I. Both of them managed to just make the watercolour work. Incredibly jealous of natural talent and no inhibitions. Seriously at one point Miss I was spreading black over her envelopes and I thought it was screwed. Looks amazing and I am not sure how to replicate it. Think I will put the little ones to work doing my mail art.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lost Post!

Slowing catching up with my letters and I am getting pretty disheartened by the amount of lost post.
I put a lot of thought and time into my letters. Honestly it takes hours and to find out the replies just seemingly disappear into space is incredibly frustrating.
Have also not received 3 replies from overseas penpals. I am hoping they will eventually turn up, but that seems very unlikely. All the effort and time put in from both myself and others, only to have it just vanish.
So yes, still writing, but kind of disheartened by what has happened. Looking at scanning each letter before sending from now on.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Quote of the Week


Monday, January 14, 2013


Just a quick post.
Catching up on letters slowly. Having a stupid amount of joint pain at the moment, so that is making everything go slow.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Work & The League

Trapped in dreaded office till end of January.
Then back to freedom. Glorious freedom of weekly writing tasks, bi monthly assignments, and lectures starting from 9:30am. Not sure which is the lesser of two evils.

While the workplace has shut down all out of office emails (normal department rule), I have my trusty iphone to deliver my good news.
And it did! In the form of ....

The League of Extraordinary Penpals

Linky link link: http://www.extraordinarypenpals.com/2013/01/joining-league-of-extraordinary-penpals.html

Sticking to my resoultion re writing each night, though I did crack the shits at my messy writing, so re wrote a weeks worth in a new book. Yes, I am that picky about things.
Nothing much creative due to full time work. Does killing dragons on Skyrim count as creative?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year
Continuing on my resolution to do more creative things, here is an update of the last few days. Nothing like making ice mocha at home with nespresso machine to help with cleaning and sorting.
Not sure what coffee it was, I just go by colour. Kept ice cold most of the day with help from the super awesome Starbucks mug.

On top of this major resolution I made a few extra ones while watching fireworks with husband.

2. Read more and not just uni books *
3. Write more *
4. Healthier lifestyle *
and finally 5. More time with my babies & husband *

* Currently re-reading Of Mice and Men. When a single unit at Uni comprised of 7 different books, there was very little interest in reading anything else. This time last year I finished the complete Hunger Games series in less than 3 days. Have downloaded a few reading apps on phone & of course found more books at the op shops to read (pictures to follow).

*When a writer isn't writing, she should be reading. I have been reading and writing less since I started my writing degree. If it wasn't for uni, I wasn't interested. Letter writing has helped get my hands used to writing, something I worry will be a lost skill for my children. My father & husband have beautiful writing, and I have nice writing if I focus, otherwise it is chicken scrawl of doom. Alarm goes off at 8pm each night to write, but usually I am doing something with or for the kids. Making a rule now to stop and go write at least one line. A lovely woman I am following on Instagram recently purchased a line a day journal. I bought one last year, but never followed through. Am starting this year with a new book (pictures to follow).

* Being trapped either in an office, or racing between classes means I don't eat that well. I often skip breakfast, and lunch, but always make a proper dinner. So I am slowly making changes to my diet. No point in saying no junk food. Seriously I last 3 days before I am going crazy for a coke and cheeseburger. So just little steps. Little steps away from Krispy Kreme.

* Working on planning my days out better so I can have more time with those who are important to me.  

So that is just about it. Hope everyone had a Happy New Year