Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lost Post!

Slowing catching up with my letters and I am getting pretty disheartened by the amount of lost post.
I put a lot of thought and time into my letters. Honestly it takes hours and to find out the replies just seemingly disappear into space is incredibly frustrating.
Have also not received 3 replies from overseas penpals. I am hoping they will eventually turn up, but that seems very unlikely. All the effort and time put in from both myself and others, only to have it just vanish.
So yes, still writing, but kind of disheartened by what has happened. Looking at scanning each letter before sending from now on.


  1. Did my reply ever come?? I replied within a few days of receiving your letter. =) I can resend if need be!

    Keep writing! Out of all the letters I've sent (including penpal introduction letters), maybe 5% become consistent penpals! Letter correspondence is a difficult habit to maintain for some. But it is so rewarding. =)

    1. I did my dear. I am still working on reply, sorry for the delay. Explained in letter