Sunday, January 27, 2013

Brain Fail

And today has been a total waste of time. It is a long weekend though, so I always have tomorrow.
Canberra has had a total identity crisis. I am pretty sure it thinks it is QLD. Blazing hot days with occasional downpour that doesn't actually ease the heat.
In an effort to combat todays weather, I made iced coffee. Talking to husband while making it, not paying attention, and made something equivalent to a long black. My brain is skipping steps, and I feel dreadful. Hoping cups of tea & plenty of water will fix it.

I did get some painting done on Friday with the lovely little Miss S & Miss I. Both of them managed to just make the watercolour work. Incredibly jealous of natural talent and no inhibitions. Seriously at one point Miss I was spreading black over her envelopes and I thought it was screwed. Looks amazing and I am not sure how to replicate it. Think I will put the little ones to work doing my mail art.


  1. And your envelopes look gorgeous, especially the yellow-red ones. I am a sucker for bright colors!

    And I love your tea mug! :D

    1. I am slowly adventuring with bright colours, and working out different watercolour techniques.
      Also working out that I can't seem to reply to comments via my iphone. Argh.
      Sorry for the late reply