Saturday, December 29, 2012

Belated Christmas Post

2012 family holiday was to Sydney. Big trips away are planned for every 5 years, so it was only a short stay this time. Nice to escape the 30+ degree heat for a few days. Spent our time chasing after 3 kids and forgot to take more photos :(

Chinese Garden of Friendship with the kids. Mr J spent his time chasing the koi. Both Miss I and Miss S were just happy playing in the garden.

 Husband driving us home. Not sure I will even get used to say that. He did all the driving while I play Plants Vs Zombies on the Ipad. I am such a good wife.

Could barely get a shot of the kids. They thankfully didn't wake at the crack of dawn. Wanted to dive in straight away. Family tradition is to get Dad to hand out each one and they can open their own. Too many years of each child wanting to "help" the other one. 

New Starbucks mug of coffee to help get through all the Christmas cooking. 


Night before shot of the baked French Toast. New family tradition. I had been doing a 3 cheese strata with bacon for years, but it was just too much before Christmas lunch. Found the recipe on Instagram.

Baked breakfast. So delicious. Kids ate two servings with maple syrup.

Random smiling pear.

Coca cola baked Ham bubbling away. 


Christmas graveyard. Seriously I love prawns but if I never have to shell one again, I will be very happy.

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