Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wedding and other fun!

So yes, I am now a Mrs.
Turns out it isn't really any different from being a Miss. Still a stack of laundry that needs to be done, dishes need washing & uni assignments still need to be finished.
Almost done though. I can relax until Feb when uni goes back again.

House was struck down with the dreaded man flu so haven't been able to update.
Wedding was lovely. I mentioned Harry Potter & potential zombie apocalypse in my vows. Win.
And of course cried. A lot. Cried with my Dad, cried walking, cried during ceremony, cried so much I couldn't say my vows properly in the beginning. Yay for being a girl.

Everyone looked amazing. 1950's wedding dress fit beautifully and I think I lasted a whole hour before kicking off heels. Just too used to thongs now.

Still waiting to collect pictures from everyone and the photographer. Obviously for privacy reasons, I don't put identifying photos online, but I will post what I can. Either way pen pals will receive a flood of photos when I can print them.

Now that the wedding is over I can go back to work. That isn't as fun as I thought it would be.
Work starts back on Monday with almost a whole new team. At least the pay will be decent before Christmas.

Have had a week off between uni & work. Have nursed sick kids & sick husband, rearranged office/study, covered a lamp shade with a map. All the essential things in life obviously. And of course gorged on the left over jam from the wedding.

1. Reception (taken by lovely friend Marshmo)
2. Wedding band and aztec pants. Win.
3. Clean desk. Running out of spots for glass collection & books.
4. Another clean desk. Yay. Still working on photo backdrop.
5. Finished map lamp.
6. Unfinished feature wall & HP knight!
7. Stamps galore.
8. Those draws are just full of paper & stationary :D


  1. I'm happy for you, Sam!

    Your ring is gorgeous! And your lamp is very pretty.

  2. Thanks Julie :)
    I am still getting used to wearing it all the time.