Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bad blogger and penpal

Clearly there are moments that rip through your life, and something as simple as posting on a blog, or being able to write letters becomes impossible.
There is also the underlying fear that the bringer of said moments, could track down your blog and have an insight into what you try to keep private.

I am terribly sorry for the lack of contact. In particular Laura Ly whose recorded letter has been redone twice now, but still not something I am happy with. Still working on it lovely :(
I am hoping that now there is a temporary break from matters that have consumed this house for the last 3 months, I can get some positive things done. 

Even though things have been incredibly difficult lately, there have still been moments of utter joy. Mostly being bought to light by my children, the numerous loving letters I receive, and of course this....

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