Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mail Art Trainee

Like most things I am late to join phenomenons. Blogging, Washi Tape and now Mail Art. So I have started. Seems like the perfect thing. A creative outlet I can pack up quickly. 
Turns out water jugs and coffee cups are not friends and should not be so close. Did it twice before I moved the cup. Smart move. Here are the results so far:

Looking forward to sharing them with pen pals. Have found some more through Interpals, Live journal &
Kind of amused that even in the pen pal world people act like it is high school. Not cool enough for people to write to, or even reply to messages. Sometimes it is just funny, other times it is genuinely saddening. Oh well.



  1. Samantha, these envelopes are beautiful! Awesome job on them.

    Also, good call on the moving the water cup and coffee cup further apart. I've done that too, and nope, paint is not the magical ingredient that makes coffee SUPER awesome. ;)

    1. Thanks Laura
      I have done more but did a double post on the blog further up. Clearly the strength of my coffee is not working with or without the vital paint ingredient. :D