Thursday, August 9, 2012

Backpack vs Messenger Bag

Uni is back next week and for the last few weeks I have been obsessing over what bag to get. One unit has 7 required books, plus I always carry my letter writing folder with me. Question I really want to look like that much of a dork. So far no luck with finding a bag locally. Is it so hard to find a plain black bag with no printing on it. Almost found the perfect one, only to discover wheels on the bottom. No. Just plain no. Looking for something like this

or maybe this

Very army surplus store meets Girl with Dragon tattoo. Swedish version of course as I am refusing to watch the American one. Now if I could only find one that wasn't just a google images picture



  1. I haven't seen the American version either, since I loved the Swedish version so much!

    1. Swedish version was brilliant. At least the first one was. By the 2nd & 3rd I was a little unimpressed. I wonder if the film would have taken a different direction if the author had lived.